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A virus infection warning screen has appeared on my computer screen. Although I ordered software to counter it, I want to cancel it.

Information and communication services Unfair claim
When I was browsing the Internet using my computer, an anti-virus software guide was displayed with a warning sound. When I called since it was the same name as the OS vendor, I was told that “Your personal information will leak if you don’t remove the virus,” “You can download the countermeasure software by remote control,” so I purchased it using my credit card for 23,000 yen. However, now that I think about it again, it sounded like a ringing tone from a phone overseas. I would like to cancel it as I felt it was suspicious. What should I do?


It is a technique that makes a false warning appear while people are operating their personal computers, making them pay for security measures. Even if a warning message appears, do not contact the other party in a hurry. Take action such as forcibly closing the browser. If you have already made a payment using a credit card, contact your credit card company. If you are a foreign business operator, contact the National Center for Life and Consumers for assistance.